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The small tourist centre of Bouvard is ideally located on the shores of the Harvey Estuary in the Peel Region about 20 km south of Mandurah, 5km south of Dawesville and 80 km south of Perth. It is a very popular spot for a vacation or day-trip from Perth with fabulous fishing, swimmin, crabbing, canoeing, kayaking and boating or all types in the magnificent Harvey Estuary. Nearby are all the fantastic beaches near Dawesville. You can go fishing on the beaches, rocky headlands, in the Harvey Estuary, or from the jetty at Dawesville and in the huge expanse of the Peel Inlet. There are many wonderful golf courses nearby and an array of many other sporting facilities and venues. Visitors can enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving and you can explore the reef at low tide. The nearby city of Mandurah has over 95 sq km or waterways that provide wonderful conditions for boating, charter cruises, angling, canoeing, swimming, kayaking and sailing. Peel Inlet and the Harvey Estuary have wonderful scenery and many natural habitats to explore. These waters are also very popular for fishing and crabbing, as well for eco-tours and diving adventures to see the dolphins, bird life, dolphins and lots of other marine life. There is a range of accommodation on the waterfront in the Bouvard area and in Mandurah and nearby towns. Bouvard Cruises is great way to enjoy the waterways. Most of the entertainment and amusements opportunities are in Mandurah.

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