What's on Flinders Island, Tasmania

Flinders Island is the major island of the Furneaux collection of islands, is the major island of 52 islands that extend through the waters of Bass Strait between Tasmania and mainland Australia. Flinders Island is located 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Cape Portland, on the north-eastern tup of Tasmania, Australia. It is accessible by boat and by plane from Victoria or Tasmania. The best way to see the island is to take your across on the vehicular ferry from Cape Portland. Flinders Island was discovered by Matthew Flinders. Similar to King Island, also in Bass Strait, was originally a base for seal hunters. It originally had an Aboriginal population. The major villages on the island are Whitemark and Lady Barron. Whitemark is the major administrative centre with most of the entertainment venues and accommodation. Lady Barron is a large fishing port on the south of the island. If going by car round the island, then it is important to know that these are the only two locations on the island where you can purchase petrol. Fishing is one of the major tourist activities on the island, along with canoeing, kayaking, bushwalking, diving and just resting on the beaches. You can choose both rock and sandy seashore angling from many locations on the island. For scuba diving the best option is to head in the direction of the coastline on the western and northern edges of the island. There is a truly unbelievable bushwalk, that takes about 5 hours, ascending to the peak of Mt Strzelecki. You can start the walk from a spot about 10km south of Whitemark. You will see abounding of wildlife along the way. Another interesting place to visit on the island is Wybalenna, the site of a tragic shipwreck. You can visit the chapel and the cemetery. There are fantastic displays at the Emita Museum, which is close by. There is a assortment of places to stay, cafes and restaurants, and several pubs on the island at both Lady Barron and Whitemark, as well as vacation properties doted around the island. One of the major annual events on the island is the Flinders Island Winter Solstice which is held at the Whitemark Hall, now called the Flinders Island Arts and Entertainment Centre. Many other events are held at this venue. There is a range of entertainment offered by the hotels and restaurants on the island. The brochure Let's Talk About Flinders Island offers tourists an introduction to the island.

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Flinders Island Interstate Hotel
Flinders Island Cabin Park and Car Hire
Furneaux Tavern
Interstate Hotel
Interstate Hotel & Apartments
Bluff House Bed & Breakfast
Healing Dreams
Partridge Farm
Lady Barron Holiday House
Beach Front Cottage
Killiecrankie Bay Holidays
Silas Beach
Carnsdale Host Farm
Elvstan Cottages
Leafmore By The Sea
Lisa`s Cottage
Leafmoor in Whitemark
Yaringa Cottages
Carnsdale Host Farm
Seaview Farm Cottage
Flinders Island Cabin Park
Oakridge Holiday Home
Paltarra Holiday House
Sweet Surpirse Cafe
Flinders Island Bakery and Cafe
JJ`s on the Bay Cafe
The Shearwater Restaurant (Furneaux Tavern)
Vistas Cafe and Chappell`s Restaurant

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