What's on in Lake Clifton, WA

Lake Clifton is a small tourist town located between Bunbury and Mandurah, in the Peel Region of Western Australia, about 40 km south of Mandurah, at the north end of the magnificent Yalgorup National Park. Lake Clifton is unique in that its is one of the few places in the world where thrombolites ,`living rocks`, grow at the edge of the lake. These thrombolites structures(similar to stromatolites), are constructed by colonies of thousands of small micro-organisms that are closely related to some of the earliest forms of life on Earth. They grow in groundwater upwellings in waters that is rich in calcium carbonate. The area is also renowned for the peculiar Yalgorup Tunnels that can be seen near Lake Clifton and throughout the Yalgorup National Park. The this unique Park was established in the 1970s to conserve the coastal lakes, wetlands and Tuart woodlands that occur in the area. The area is also known for its diverse bird life and it is an important staging point for migrating water birds that use the area. Lake Clifton has a range of accommodation, cafes and tourist facilities. Entertainment is available in Mandurah and the surrounding towns. Some of the nearest pubs and clubs include: # Murphy`s Irish Pub # Bouvard Tavern # Boathouse Tavern # Madora Bay Tavern # Silver Sands Tavern # Players Bar # The Slug and Hare Ale House # Peel Alehouse # Brighton Hotel # Cobblers Tavern # The Mediterranean Piano Bar.

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