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Maldon is located about 130 km north-west of Melbourne and 25 km north-west of Castlemaine, which expands the range of entertainment, recreational and tourist activities in the area. Maldon is also close to the major regional centre of Bendigo. Maldon is a special heritage town that is unique in having retained in its original appearance, feel and character. Visiting Maldon is just like stepping back into an 1850s gold rush town. This has meant it is a much favoured venue for craft folk, writers, artists and other creative people. It is also very popular as a tourist destination. The historic precinct has an array of well preserved and faithfully maintained colonial buildings. Maldon has been listed on the Natural Trust for its 'Intact Historic Streetscape.

Many of the heritage buildings dotted along the main streets have been transformed into cafes, art galleries, craft outlets and antiques shops to provide for the influx of visitors who love the streetscape that is little changed after a hundred years. Maldon`s heritage shop fronts have been transformed into a delightful mix of galleries, handcrafts, collectables stores, historic pubs, restaurants, cafes and more. Some of the major events in the area include the world-famous Maldon Folk Festival that is held in spring each year. The Maldon Camp Draft event attracts horse riders from all over Victoria and interstate during February each year. At easter is the Maldon Easter Fair, and in October there is the Mt Tarrangower Hillclimb and in July is the Maldon in Winter Festival.

Maldon has a huge range of tourist attractions and great recreational facilities. Local facilities include a large variety of accommodation, Bed and Breakfast, Antique shops, Heritage buildings, Specialty and Craft shops, Art Galleries, Cafes and Restaurants, as well as Vintage steam train rides, Gold mine tours, local Boutique Wineries. Local attractions include: # Penny School Gallery # Maldon Museum # Victorian Goldfields Railway # Maldon Historic Reserve. Local events include: # Castlemaine and District Festival of Gardens and the world famous Maldon Folk Festival that includes workshops, music performances, dance and theatre held at venues around Maldon.

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